CHT Chemicals is a company specializing in adhesives and technologies for the processing, reinforcing, and lighting of all types of stone and derivatives.

The products we offer are made by CHT Chemicals or carefully selected from among the industry’s products of excellence, both from a technological perspective and in terms of advanced research and experimentation in the field of natural stone.

From mastic sealants to epoxy systems, from honeycomb panels to fibreglass and carbon matting for slab reinforcement, from the Grip Master non-slip finish, to marble handling and processing systems, CHT Chemicals supports customers from the choice of the best solution to application in the field.

Consultancy is a key value for our company, from pre-sales to after-sales.

Our mission is to accompany the customer with full-spectrum consultancy in the choice and use of our innovative top quality technological solutions.

The know-how we transfer to our customers and partners is the result of more than ten years of research, studies and experience in the stone and marble sector.

We strive to meet the customer’s wishes to participate in the enhancement process of natural stone, a symbol of value, strength, and beauty.