CHT is a company specialised in the manufacture of products for the processing of stone, fibreglass, composite materials and much more.
We use epoxy resins, UV-resistant epoxy systems, polyesters, polyester mastics, UV gels, structural adhesives, special adhesives for the coupling of glass/marble, self-extinguishing or fire-resistant adhesives, polymeric adhesives (MS polymers), methacrylates (MMA adhesives), grout, gel coats, grout with fibreglass, meshes, mats and technical fabrics in fiberglass and carbon, chemicals for the protection and maintenance of stone, waxes, protective and toning agents, color intensifiers, rust-proof coatings, rust converters, honeycomb panels, anchor systems (steel plates for resin), PVC boards, polyurethane boards, and non-slip transparent paint for all surfaces.
Our range of products deliver qualitative excellence and have been carefully selected based on years of experience applying research and development in collaboration with our partners and our customers. CHT Chemicals can provide technological support on the most ambitious projects. The research labs to which we entrust the development of new solutions allow us to provide technical consulting services and guaranteed reliability.

Our goal is to introduce cutting-edge technologies, solutions and products to enhance natural stone and broaden its fields of application much as possible.
Via BELVEDERE 75 - 37026 Arcè di Pescantina (Vr)
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